David Knight "Rather than just some people, say 30 in a cafeteria, hearing them all yell insults at you, it's up there for 6 billion people to see. Anyone with a computer can see it," says David.

Another boy at school sent David an email telling him to look at a website. David went to the site and found "my photo on this Web site saying 'Welcome to the Web site that makes fun of Dave Knight' and just pages of hateful comments directed at me and everyone in my family."

Screenshot of the website about David

The person who created the website asked others to join in and post hateful comments about David and his family. His mother said that David began "withdrawing completely, isolating himself from everyone."

David felt that he couldn't continue with all of this happening at school, and decided to finish his last year of school at home.

David typing at his computer

After talking with the police, the Knight family contacted Yahoo!, where the site had been hosted. After a number of weeks of unreturned phone calls, the Knights threatened legal action, and Yahoo! took the site down off the internet.

Yahoo! is just one of thousands of internet companies offering free website hosting services. Most companies have policies about what content can and can not be published on the internet, but these policies are rarely enforced - most of the time, people can write what they like.

David flying a plane David is now trying to recover from the cyberbullying incident, and is training to become a pilot, hoping to, one day, be a fighter pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces.