Ghyslain Razaa

Ghyslain became an internet sensation in May 2003 when four classmates discovered a private video of him pretending to be a Jedi Knight. Rather than laughing at the video in the privacy of their homes, the classmates decided to upload the video to the internet. Within weeks it had been seen by millions.

According to, Ghyslain is now the most downloaded male on the internet. The most downloaded female is Paris Hilton.

While the world laughs, and spin-offs are created at an average of one per day, Ghyslain and his parents don't find the situation very funny. The parents have filed a lawsuit against the classmates that uploaded the video.

The lawsuit is accompanied by instant messaging transcripts, in which the classmates gloat over their success.

Ghyslain was forced to drop out of high school, and finished the year at a faculty specialising in child psychiatry.

In a similar incident, on a much smaller scale...

A high-school girl living on Sydney's North Shore took a topless photo of herself with a camera-phone. And then sent it to her boyfriend.

The photo was intended only for him, obviously.

But the boyfriend wanted to show all his mates what a good-looking girlfriend he had. So he sent it to all his friends. And they sent it to all their friends.

Imagine just how quickly something like that can spread. And the damage it can do to the people involved.